What Are Blackheads and What Can You Do About Them?

Blackheads are open comedones or clogged pores. They may be painful if infection occurs within the pore due to the clogging. The skin surrounding the area is sometimes red and irritated looking, but not always.

A blackhead is similar to a pimple, except that the pore is still open. Pimples are referred to as closed comedones, because the hair follicle or pore in which the pimple is located is completely closed.

Pimples must come to a head, before drainage of the infection can occur. So, you have pimples that look red and irritated but have no opening to the surface.

A blackhead lies closer to the skin’s surface and can always be extracted. However, squeezing to try and extract the plug can cause increased redness, soreness and irritation. It can also be frustrating.

• Causes of Blackheads

Blackheads typically accompany acne, but they can occur without the presence of acne. So, the condition is not the cause of the problem.

The cause is not poor hygiene. The plug is composed of sebum and parts of dead skin cells that were not completely sloughed off. The plugs are more common in enlarged pores and in areas where the skin is folded. In skin folds, the sloughing off of dead cells is less efficient.

• Solutions to Blackheads

Scrubbing away or picking at them is the solution that most people used. A better solution is the regular use of a deep cleansing mask.

• How the Deep Cleansing Mask Works

A deep cleansing mask that works best contains extracts from clay called kaolin and bentone gel. They work to dry up excessive sebum and pull dead skin cells out of the pores.

The mask is typically applied every two weeks for maintenance; to help keep the pores from becoming plugged. It can be used more often if desired, but you should take care to watch for excessive dryness. Since bentone gel absorbs sebum, it does have a drying effect.

The mask contains plant-based oils that will not make the skin feel greasy, but will help reduce the risk of dryness. The antioxidants included in the mask help to reduce oxidation. The reason the plug is black has to do with oxidation. As sebum and dead skin cells are exposed to 渠務公司 the air, they become oxidized.

• Short and Long-term Benefits

The short-term benefit of the deep cleansing mask is to remove blackheads easily, without squeezing, scratching or irritating.

With continued use, every two weeks or so, you may notice other benefits including:

• Fewer pimples, because of the anti-inflammatory activity of Functional Keratin, an ingredient in the mask, and the antiseptic activity of kaolin

• Fewer blackheads, because kaolin and bentone gel keep sebum and skin cells from clogging the pores

• Healthier skin, because of the antioxidants included in the product-antioxidants work to prevent free radical damage

• Other Recommendations

When blackheads are accompanied by acne, a good multi-nutritional supplement is beneficial. Whether or not acne is present, a good supplement will improve your skin’s health and keep it healthy. See the resource box below for my recommendation for a Cleansing Facial Mask and Multi-Nutritional Supplement. Please get our FREE SKIN CARE GUIDE AND NEWSLETTER just by clicking on the link below that says FREE SKIN CARE GUIDE.


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