Mileage Log – The Digital Conversion

What exactly is a digital mileage log? It’s a fantastic new gadget that’s going to simplify the process of recording your mileage than ever before. It’s also a near secure way to ensure that you don’t get subject to audit to IRS. IRS for mileage write-offs. As gas prices have risen to new heights over the last few months, mileage write-offs are becoming more common. In this article, you’ll discover how this gadget could benefit your company.

In the past, a mileage log was just an item of paper which could be printed or written on by hand. You had to meticulously manually enter all the miles you’ve used during the day. This would be  Mileage Log for Tax Purposes difficult for those  who had to travel regularly, which included daily. It’s also possible to make mistakes in entering information that can trigger an IRS audit of the actual miles you’ve traveled. When the cost of gasoline increases, and so does the IRS’s desire in claiming gas write-offs. It is possible that one will be asking how to safeguard yourself.

It’s a good method to safeguard yourself and it’s available as a useful device that is no bigger than the size of a GPS or cellphone. It’s an mileage logger. While there aren’t many models that are available, rest assured that they will save you lots of stress. The device helps track mileage and store it in an online database and is surprisingly precise. If you get in your car to head to your next business event it is a matter of plugging the device into the lighter in your cigarette, similar to an GPS. It will then begin to record your mileage, but not only by the number of miles you travel however, but also by your precise place of residence!

Therefore how does the device function? Like we said, the device is connected to the lighter in your cigarette. Then a satellite detects your exact earth position. The precise location is transmitted from your vehicle to a cell tower which then sends it to a database that is private and online which will allow your data to be retrieved at the time you’re ready to access it. When you’re ready to pull your mileage report, simply login to the database screen and then print it. You’ll be able print your data out in exact order, which includes months, days, years. This is why you should just leave your data in place and print it one time at the end of the year and prior to tax deadline. For some, this gadget can literally be the lifesaver since it will finally end the hassle of manually recording their miles. This kind of device assists in reducing audits as it completely records your routes, and lets you add comments to your logs, and much more.

Only you can determine whether a product like this could be beneficial. If you are only taking only one business trip per year, this kind of device might not be useful at all. It could be beneficial when you go on at the very least one business trip per month since you won’t have to record anything in writing once more. The value alone can make a log of your mileage online worth the cost.



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