Kundan Earrings Designs


When it comes to earrings, Kundan is a timeless style with a long tradition. Made from the purest gold, these earrings are highly refined and adorned with precious gemstones. The designs are highly sophisticated and prestigious. They are also quite expensive. If you want to wear this style kundan earrings of earring, you’ll want to invest in a pair. If kundan earrings you’re interested in finding out more, check out our article on Kundan earrings Designs.

Making Kundan earrings is a long and intricate process that requires a lot of creativity and artwork. Since these earrings are usually made by collaborating hands, they require a lot of time and effort to create. However, the basic method remains the same. The designs are created by assembling multiple layers of stones onto a base of high-quality metal. Then, the design layout is put together with joint work. As a result, you’ll have a unique piece of jewelry.

When purchasing Kundan jewelry, remember to check for authenticity. Genuine Kundan jewelry will have the BIS hallmark. This stamp will contain the jeweller’s logo, the three-digit purity number, and the date of hallmarking. The hallmark will help you determine the quality of the jewelry. If the jewelry does not change color after being hallmarked, it is not real gold or silver. A good way to tell whether a piece of jewelry is fake is to use a magnet.

Indian jewelry is very rich in culture and religion, and kundan is no exception. It is the most popular style of Indian jewellery, and is often found in traditional jewelry. The intricate design of Indian kundan makes it a truly beautiful accessory. Many Indian women have a love affair with Kundan jewellery, and there are endless ways to wear it. There are many designs available, including earrings made of gold, glass, and other precious gems.

A common misconception about kundan jewellery is that it is similar to polki jewellery, but polki is made from uncut diamonds. This type of jewellery requires attention to detail and care. Gold is beaten into strips and then formed into the desired shape. Some kundan jewellery does not have a lot of gold, but it does contain precious stones, glass stones, and sometimes even pearls. They have intricate detailing and are often extremely expensive.

Kundan earrings are made with high-quality gemstones and metal alloys. The artisans of these earrings use lead-free alloy and hand-craft each piece. They’re made with Indian jewelry designs and are handcrafted by master craftsmen. The earrings feature a thin, soft, and comfortable post-back wire. This enables them to fit comfortably without causing pain. A unique feature of these earrings is their shape, and they come with their own gift box.

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