Free Online Pick 3 Formula That Truly Works


Did you know that in playing pick 3, you have a higher chance in winning compared to the chances that you have in playing the regular lottery? This may be common knowledge to some but the truth of the matter is, most people still end up playing the lottery than pick 3. Below are some hard facts to consider.

-You have 1 in 1,000 chances in winning the pick 3 lottery
-You have 1 in 14,000,000 chances in winning the lottery

Thus, this ltobet means that you are 14,000 times more likely to win in the pick 3 lottery compared to the usual lottery game. Knowing this, you should already be more inclined to play the pick 3 games. Especially now that there are a lot of free online pick 3 formula out there that can help you up your chances in winning this relatively easy game.

But if this is the first time you are hearing bout the pick 3 lottery, you might want to know the different ways on how to win in this game before searching out for a free online pick 3 formula.

As the name implies, you have to pick 3 numbers in this lottery game from 0 to 9. Then you decide what combination will appear and voila, that is your chosen combination for the win.

There are 4 ways that you can win in the pick 3 game.

The first one is by hitting the numbers in the exact order that they come up. Your combination should match the winning combination exactly. Say you chose 123 and the winning combination is 123, then that is the exact order way of winning. If you want to know how to achieve this all the time, you may want to avail the help of a free online pick 3 formula.

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