Advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Over the Regular Galaxy Samsung Smartphones

Praised for their extraordinary design, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are far more than just the beautiful devices. They have stolen already the hearts of the many Android fans, and they don’t have the intention to stop doing this. Over the last few years, Samsung has continued to excite and please their consumers, taking always a step forward to what might make a difference and improvement.

Learn how to take the maximum advantage of your Samsung Galaxy S6 in everyday life. You’ll be surprised how simple and entertaining it is.

1. Encourage Yourself to Act Faster:

Do you think the time has come to finally experience the benefits of hands-free? Of course, you think, and here is how you may start. By launching S-Voice for the first time, simply create preferred S Voice wake-up command. Don’t hesitate to set whatever you like and count that your Samsung Galaxy S6 will like it too. The voice recognition begins just after you launched the S-Voice. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will proceed with the corresponding action after it has recognized the voice command. Remember to touch the “Microphone” icon if you want to repeat a voice command or maybe say another one. To complete the setup you have to speak to the smartphone clearly. Be aware that some surrounding circumstances, such as noise or the way you speak, can influence the recognition of your commands or initiate some unwanted action. samsung 55au7700

2. Group of the Groups

Forget about having all your contacts in Samsung Galaxy S6 just listed in the alphabetical order. It takes time to send the same SMS or email to the group of people. Contacts app enables you to use a single tap and spend not more than a few seconds to communicate with them all at once. Instead of selecting one by one, you better arrange contacts of your family members, coworkers and friends into Groups. You can do it simply by tapping the “Groups” in the app and then click “Add”. You may give each group a name and a specific ring tone. It is important to know that you can manage and store contacts from different sources, including social networks and Google account, in Samsung Galaxy S6 Contacts application. You can even synchronize it with your computer.

3. TV as Smart as the Smartphone

You are not sure what benefits exactly you get from connecting your Samsung TV to your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge? Let us answer in just two words – huge benefits. Sharing screens is one of them, and the second one would be the brief smartphone notifications display on the TV screen. The simplest way to connect Samsung Galaxy S6 to the TV is to select “Quick Connect” option from the Notification Panel, select TV and click on “Register TV”. To explore the features of this useful connection, simply tap again on “Quick Connect”. Display videos or just transfer the Samsung Galaxy S6 screen.

There are also other easy methods to connect these two of your favorite devices:

• Miracast allows transfer of your smartphone screen to your TV in seconds. In case you don’t have a smart TV that supports Miracast you shall provide a Fire TV Stick or Miracast video adapter. After you setup the device on your TV you can proceed with Samsung Galaxy S6 registration.
• Setup Chromecast on your TV and connect from your smartphone to this little useful device to stream almost every known app, such as Netflix or YouTube.

4. Remain as You are or Change Yourself for the Better

Whether you like to be active or you are more a kind of a sitting person, it is high time to start paying attention to your health and everyday activity. If already active you can improve your physical shape with the help of S-Health, your all-in-one partner in simply being healthy. Taking a good care of you, this app stands with the Samsung Galaxy S6 for your personal trainer. First, enter your personal information and then explore all of the app’s core features. Whether you prefer outdoor or indoor activities you can easily keep track of your performance by using the wide range of built-in-trackers. Even for the walk around the block, you can count your steps.


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