3 Tips on Using Horse Racing Handicapping To Your Advantage


Many factors are to be considered during a horse racing handicapping to derive more profits from the race. The factors vary from the configuration of the track to the reputation of the jockey riding the horse. Here are 3 tips to help you get started with handicapping and to help the money roll into your account as you enjoy watching the race.

1. Track Configuration: The foremost factor to be considered during horse racing handicapping is to understand the configuration of the track on which the racing event takes place. Most of the people involved in the handicapping of the horse race overlook this factor. But this small factor can be your key to huge success especially in handicapping racing.

Poles are used all over the tracks at particular distances dato carrera americana from the finishing line. They are used to report the position of a horse at various times during a race. Hence it is used to measure the performance of a horse during different intervals of time in a race. This performance report plays a great role to pick up a horse which maintains a consistent lead position during the entire race.

2. Class and speed of the horse: Speed of the horse is one of the important aspects to be considered during horse racing handicapping. The best way to calculate the speed of a horse is to take note of the individual speed of the horse during the last three races and then calculating the average speed of the horse. Compare the result with that of its competitors and note the difference by which the horse leads its competitors.

The higher the difference, the higher is your chance of winning. Another important factor to be considered is the class of the horse. The easiest way to determine the class of a horse is to calculate the average of the money earned by the horse during the last five similar kinds of races. Again compare the result with its competitors and take note of the difference. The higher the difference, the superior is the class.

3. Reputation and skill of the trainer: A check on the skill and the knowledge of the jockey riding the horse is essential before betting on the horse. A skilled jockey is capable of deriving the best from his horse whereas an unskilled jockey can even make the best horse lose in the race.

The past performance and the achievements of the jockey and the horse together in the past five races on similar type of track has to be considered as an important factor in Horse racing handicapping. But it is not advisable to depend entirely on the reputation of the jockey when it comes to horse racing handicapping. Several other factors like horse’s speed, its class, its natural ability, its stamina and strength to withstand races of similar type has to be considered before betting.


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